How Can It Be That Easy?

Well as most of you know, mainly my family and friends because they’re the only ones who read my blog, (love ya) I have been single for almost four years. I often get the question from guys, how can you be single that long? you’re perfect. Okay maybe I exaggerated on the perfection part – but somewhere along those lines thats what they say.

I told myself for the longest time well the reason I’m single is because of them, It’s the guys fault – it always is. Right? Wrong. I finally got my head out my butt and started to look deeper, questioning what about me was wrong, am I truly happy with who I am?

I believe no one will ever be 100% happy with themselves. It’s true – you are always going to want to better yourself or fix something externally or internally. But as of now being a twenty one year old going to school, making 4.0’s, juggling a job and a side business, and maintaining a pretty decent social life – I’m happy. 

But I still feel like there is something missing – ya know, that want you have deep down to share memories with someone you actually care about. I am not asking to find my husband and I am not even looking for a relationship per se, but my want right now is to have actually have a real connection with a man that does not include late night booty calls or trust issues because I hear around town you’re sleeping around.

But why is that so hard?

I am so tired – I mean I am literally beat down, from getting to know someone inside and out telling them everything about you. Like about how my biggest pet peeve is when someone eats something crunchy and it’s quiet or my dream date is just to cruise down back roads with the windows down. It becomes repetitive and emotionless. It’s like “I don’t even want to tell you my favorite color because with the last fifty guys it didn’t even matter, so why would it to you?”

Of course me being weak though – I let them in. Soon enough they know everything about me and I have desire to learn everything about them. And  I become invested in that person. You get that deep conversation that everyone wants to have. And well for me, something always bad happens and I’m not really sure what it is. Because I have got a list of excuses. And all of these excuses have been over text

  1. I’m just not into you
  2. I’m not ready for a relationship
  3. You party too much (HA)
  4. You’re a sweet girl, I just don’t see myself with you
  5. OR NOTHING – you just never hear from them again

But what I want to know is…

How can it be that easy? 

How do you just date someone – or even talk to them for weeks – learn everything about them and then just act like you’ve never met them. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? Maybe I just care too much. But your feelings aren’t even hurt a little bit? It’s like their response is emotionless. I am almost dumbfounded every time.

Now I get feelings change and so do people – 100% comprehended. And I am not everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t want to be. But don’t let me waste my time and yours just to get a bullshit excuse. It can’t be that easy to just let someone go you told all your pointless stories to – at least I hope it’s not. So to all my past boyfriends/flings/douchebags: with the next girl invest more feelings in her and actually give her a real reason, because it sucks thinking something is wrong with you.

Stay Single My Friends,

Shannon ❤


Working Out and Still Not Losing Weight? Here’s A Secret…

After losing 47 pounds – I feel like I know everything NOT to do because I learned the hard way, so I figured I would save people some time and frustration and share a few of my secrets.


Probably the hardest part of weight loss, you could work out all day but as long as you’re not eating clean you will get no results. After two years it’s still difficult to find a balance, don’t give up.

A Few Tips To Start Eating Clean

  • Don’t go anywhere near the frozen section. Seriously, your worst enemy. You know all those Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine dinners? Have you truly ever looked at the nutrition information on the back? The amount of sodium in them will have you bloated for days and over 50 carbohydrates in one meal? Sorry but I think I’d rather have a piece of pizza not a two dollar frozen meal. Don’t always believe what it says on the box take the time to flip it over and read the nutrition labels. Don’t get me wrong – I buy frozen chicken and sometimes frozen vegetables but STEER CLEAR of those frozen meals.
  • Protein. Protein. Protein. If you’re awake at 2 am and you’re human – you’re going to be hungry. Instead of reaching for the 100 calorie pack of cheez-its, grab three ounces of chicken breast (this is why you meal prep). It will actually fill you and not everyone wants to gnaw on a piece of broccoli.
  • Vegetables can be added in anything. I always used to be a picky eater. Take all the veggies off my burger and give me the meat. Until I started losing weight, I started experimenting with new vegetables and new recipes. Next time you make a dish add some type of vegetable to it and I bet you won’t even notice. They’re great fillers and will keep you fuller longer (trust me).


Seriously, drink tons of it. I try to aim for a gallon a day and it’s difficult for me to preach it because I LOVE WATER. Ask my friends, that’s all I drink. It’s so funny though everyone always tells you to drink water to help with weight loss but no one ever mentions why. Well I’ll be the first to tell you.

  • Water boosts your metabolism
  • Cleanses your body of waste
  • Acts like an appetite suppressant

The last one I hate with a passion. The last thing you want to do when you’re starving is drink a glass of water. But by drinking a huge glass of water 15 minutes before your meal you will feel fuller faster and not consume as much calories. Drinking the proper amount of water is going to make you feel like  a lean, mean, fighting machine and I mean who doesn’t want to be one of those?


Being a 21-year-old full-time college student who also works a part-time job and has a side business – 8 hours is not always reasonable. But after reading a recent study, women who slept four hours our less ate 300 calories and 21 grams of fat more the next day. You best believe I’m getting my butt in bed by 10 and putting my phone down so I can dream of my hot summer bod (jk – maybe next summer).


Fasted cardio is debated a lot in the fitness world but I am a STRONG believer. It makes sense you don’t eat for 10 hours then wake up and go straight to working out of course you’re going to burn straight fat. In a recent study they showed you burn 20% more fat. So if you really want to melt those pounds away set seven different alarms and give me your phone number BECAUSE I WILL WAKE YOUR BUTT UP.


After losing a bunch of weight you’re going to hit a plateau – everyone does. Sometimes you just need an extra push. Check out my website below for the products that I use!


Stay Fit My Friends,

Shannon ❤10628465_10203574675881051_30796965421619886_n